About CypherSOL

CypherSOL Fintech India Private Ltd. has developed a state-of-the-art Bank Statement Analyzer, that can extract structured insights and valuable information from financial statements. Instead of spending hours analyzing a large number of data transactions from multiple banks or statements, you can use CypherSOL to do so efficiently and in minimal time.

CypherSOL solutions can be used to filter data-driven insights by:

CypherSOL can be used by a wide set of market players, unlike others that are designed primarily for banks and NBFCs. It offers business partners Safe, Analytical, Fast, and Efficient analysis so they may better serve their clients and their requirements.

CypherSOL is a startup that was conceived by a team that has hands-on experience in filtering loan applications and a chartered accountant. The board is being advised by a reputed BFSI analyst who spent 30 years covering the financial sector. The team has used its practical experience to develop a sophisticated tool that can simplify and save time for tax professionals, financiers, DSAs, and businesses to filter information on transactions. 

How CypherSOL's Software Functions


How will this help our clients?

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To offer our business partners safe, analytical, fast, and efficient insights through our Bank Statement Analyzer, using automation, so they may increase productivity and better serve their clients.

To retain our pioneering position, we will collaborate closely with our customer base, business partners, and employees by continuously seeking feedback for improvement, differentiating our product and service, exploring and innovating, and giving our customers best-in-class service.


To deliver world-class software solutions that transform the labor-intensive process into efficient and automated workflows.

To be a preferred partner for our target segment: tax professionals, DSAs, financiers, other lenders, and MSMEs.

To build a sustainable business model where our employees and core team have a platform to grow and thrive.

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